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Aircraft (1)

140kt TAS cruise

410kg useful payload

900nm+ range

Bookings (2)

We use an online booking system so you can see when the plane is free, book it and offer others to join you if you wish.

There’s nothing better than having the flexibility of a quick bimble or a long weekend away and we are happy with either – the DA40 is a great touring platform!

We do like to ensure that availability is good for everyone so we have some simple rules but we like to run as friendly Group rather than a Rental company.

Costs (1)

We run a simple pricing structure. See here for more details

Membership (1)

It’s pretty straight foward. Once you’ve sent us your details we’ll arrange for you to meet our resident Instructor to get checked out on the plane. If they give the thumbs up then you sign up, pay your deposit and then you’re good to go!

Please fill out the form attached here and we’ll get back to you.